First Year and customizable study abroad programs in Ireland

Big Pond supports your institution's goal of standing out in a crowded field.

We partner with universities to offer refreshing, relevant programming fit for the 2020s


The number of students and parents saying a college's environmental commitment would affect their decision to attend or apply to that school.

31 million

The number of job openings in the US requiring the soft and global skills a student acquires while studying abroad.

Source: NAFSA
All our programming is community based and includes Big Zero, our unique carbon literacy & action micro credential.

The Big Pond Start Abroad Program

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Custom, faculty-led and internship options

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All programming in Dublin, Ireland.
Safe. Supportive. Inspiring.

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An education abroad organization on a mission
“We are committed to the advancement of environmental, economic and social justice through education abroad.”
Supercharging your students’ essential skills

Big Pond is serious about nurturing your students’ sense of empathy, determination and grit through education abroad.

Better outcomes for all
Setting colleges apart

We differentiate your institution and drive commitment to your programs.

Fair pricing

We are committed to making the benefits of education abroad accessible.

Gen Z friendly

Programs designed to appeal to students who are looking for sustainability credentials at your university.

Bridging communities

We foster real and lasting connections between host communities and students.

Approachable & professional

We remove the complexity of running an education abroad program.

Inspiring peers

Returning students inject your on-campus community with inspiring global perspectives.

Reinforcing your sustainability credentials

Satisfy your internal KPIs relating to sustainable development.

Build identity

We brand our partnership as your university’s program.

Education abroad insights & news

Our inspiring and thought-provoking articles offer a fresh perspective on our field.

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