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Big Pond is committed to enabling a fairer future through our programming and how we go about our work.

The Big Pond classroom


All our programming takes place in Dublin, Ireland. An accessible English language environment, ideal for maximizing the capacity for local engagement. All our courses are brought to life by utilizing the city as well as the classroom. Whether it’s history, literature or business - Dublin is a cultural heavyweight for a city of its size.

Courses fit for the twenty-first century

Developed with industry and professional bodies, our courses ensure relevance in a changing, value-based future. All courses and our local academic partners are fully accredited by Quality and Qualifications Ireland.

Enthusiastic and student-focused professors

Our course leaders teach in guaranteed small class sizes to advance community-based learning.

Meaningful local engagement

Talks and visits with neighborhood community and environmental groups.  Designed to build understanding across difference.

Capstone commencement and graduation events

Tailored to highlight and reinforce the non-academic learning component of education abroad at Big Pond (First Year Pathway students only).


Climate education and carbon literacy

Your students are the leaders of tomorrow.

We equip them for the challenges of the future head on, by delivering 'Big Zero' - a complementary carbon literacy and action micro credential throughout their experience.

What's more, we make Big Zero available to others in Higher Education to use.


carbon offsetting

We offset all students’ transatlantic return flights through local reforestation.

Each student spends an educational day planting trees as part of our approach towards making their carbon footprint understandable and real.


Advocacy across international education

We produce resources so others within the sector have practical advice towards moving their study abroad operations in a climate conscious direction. These include Climate Conscious Study Abroad: An Operational Guide.

Big Pond leads from the front: all our staff are certified ‘Carbon Literate’ and we have an organizational approach towards carbon reduction, compensation and education.

​Residence life

Sustainable living

Our residence halls, Highfield House, are the only student accommodation in Dublin committed to Ireland’s Green Hospitality Programme and built to NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building) standards.

Home away from home

Big Pond staff live in the same halls as your students. Our team are Dublin locals and their primary function is to build a sense of student community.  They conduct regular check-ins and actively encourage engagement with the city of Dublin.

Our residences are based in a centrally-located, bustling, student neighborhood. All rooms are ensuite and single occupancy.

Big Pond Education residence halls, Highfield House, classic en-suite room
Big Pond Education residence halls, Highfield House, classic en-suite room
Big Pond Education residence halls, Highfield House, gym and aerobics studio
Big Pond Education residence halls, Highfield House, kitchen & dining room
Big Pond Education residence halls, Highfield House, kitchen and dining room
Big Pond Education residence halls, Highfield House, residents lounge
Big Pond Education residence halls, Highfield House, rooftop terrace
Big Pond Education residence halls, Highfield House, study room

Internships and
service learning

The ways in which our students are working, buying and engaging are constantly evolving. Our approach to internships and service learning address changing workplace norms.

Big Pond’s internship partners all have one thing in common - a real, shared, and lived sustainability mission. Whether working for an organization directly engaged in creating a more equitable society, or for one actively working towards carbon neutrality, Big Pond students will be engaged in a values-driven environment.

Service learning is included in all First Year programs and can be built into other custom offerings. Our service learning partners operate across a number of fields working towards social, environmental and economic justice.

Gen Z wanting to work for a company whose values align with their own.
Source: Forbes
Gen Z wanting to work for an organization where they can make a positive impact.
Source: Forbes

​Strategic health management

The mental and physical health of our students is central to everything we do. Post-Covid, a responsible education abroad provider cannot meet students’ growth needs without taking into consideration their environmental, personal, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Given its complexity and importance, strategic health management is part of what we do throughout our programming.

Fully covered

Full medical insurance is included in all Big Pond programs.

Wherever they go

Our comprehensive coverage is specifically created for international students and covers hospital care, GPs, medication, medical repatriation, dental, and European travel.

Covid-19 support

The policy also includes a specific Covid-19 student support line.

Trained staff

All Big Pond staff are first aid trained and undergo additional coaching with our counselling partner. This ensures a holistic approach to our student community’s physical and mental health needs.

Free counselling

Our students have free access to our independent counselling partner, MyMind, a community based mental health service provider.

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