Custom, faculty-led and internship options

Confidence building, custom programs abroad that will attract students to your university or department

We partner with your school to create fairly-priced programs in Dublin with a real focus on academic excellence, personal growth and meaningful local engagement.


Study abroad alumni who believe their experience contributed to them receiving a job offer.

Source: IIE

US students saying that a very important consideration in choosing a college is the ability of its graduates to obtain good jobs.

Source: CIRP / UCLA

US students choosing a particular major because “my major will help me get a job”.

Source: Statista
Offering an overseas experience in Dublin will help you directly respond to this growing student voice

Transformative learning

A truly immersive experience is a disruptive one. Big Pond students are encouraged out of their comfort zones through active local community engagement.

We actively advocate the value of students spending their weekends exploring their immediate and intermediate environment, rather than on international travel. Big Pond believes in depth of experience over breadth.

Whatever your program objectives are, they will be reinforced by our complementary, value-added inclusions.

Custom programs

Building a custom program with a local expert can make a real difference to your goals and those of your students.

We recognize the challenges our partners face when developing an experience abroad:

  • Program differentiation
  • Budget constraints
  • Student retention
  • Relevance to all stakeholders
  • Aligning academic priorities with core values

We work with you to tailor the experience so it is delivered as a joint endeavor and balances these considerations.

Whether you would like to build a program from scratch or are looking for a new partner with whom to collaborate, we are confident we can realize your vision.

All our programming takes place in Dublin, an inspiring, creative and welcoming city.

Your custom program with Big Pond


Every university is unique, and so is the offering you will want to develop. We listen to your goals and build your program around them.


Our portfolio covers the liberal arts, humanities, law, computing, business, architecture and social sciences. Incorporate your own course(s) with visiting faculty to teach them.


Our programs are underpinned by a well-established infrastructure, offering significant academic, personnel, pastoral and residence life features.  Visiting faculty are fully supported and considered part of the team. Comprehensive orientation programs begin at the pre-departure phase, and co-curricular enhancements are designed specifically around your needs.

Fair pricing

We guarantee our university partners have as many tools as possible to make education abroad on campus an accessible option.

We deliver…

Open enrollment programs

Big Pond students can enjoy a fully immersive experience through enrollment on any number of courses from our extensive portfolio. We are confident that our diverse course catalogue will map against your own curriculum.

We are a supportive partner and your program with us will build a sense of grit and cultural competency in your students.

Faculty-led programs

If you are interested in making a difference to your program on campus and giving your students a refreshing, global perspective, we can help you. Whether it’s an informal chat or making the overseas experience happen, we will work with you and your study abroad office to fulfil your goals, and meet your budget.


All our courses include resilience-building local engagement. Consider including our internship option in your program. The internship will deepen your students’ local engagement, sharpen their resume, and enhance their skills set.

Our credit-bearing internships include a wrap-around academic component in addition to the practical experience of working with a local company.

We actively partner with specific local organizations because of their commitment to building a better future through the work they do. Internship partners cover business, marketing, communications, media, PR, the arts, sports, politics, travel and tourism.

Service opportunities

If your program goals or individual students are passionate about the needs of a local community or civic engagement, our internship network also includes organizations in the charity, NGO and public sectors.

of Gen Z will happily volunteer with an organization focused on making a societal or environmental impact.